At Fog Construction we do not take any forms payment before a project is completed unless material is required from our end then we will demand a deposit to be able to buy the material required in order to proceed with a project, once that agreement is solved we’ll give a quote on our labour according to the projects required. We will compile a list of all materials required according to the prices of our suppliers if material if bought from our end. Payment agreements will be discussed before a project is started once we’ve reached a solid agreement and the design layout is solid we can prepare to start with a project.


Our team members are well skilled ,trained and qualified for the construction industry all worksite procedures are met at all times, PPE ( Personal Protect Equipment) is worn on site at all times including face masks to avoid the spreading of the Corona Virus. We provide our own working equipment no power and hand tool will be borrowed or asked from our clients. All forms of work is done under any circumstances and conditions, we can proceed with a project while residence are living on site or relocated to a private residence also meeting the client’s comfortability. No work will be done if our client is not happy with our worksite procedure and our construction team is not permitted on premises or given to the go ahead to proceed with a project. We will only pause or stall a project if we experience bad weather conditions that affect our project by all means.


Fog Construction is a legally registered company with registered staff members under the company name. All payments and transactions with a client will be recorded and kept for legal purposes, our client will receive all proof of payments if any form of purchases were made from our side, all payments from our clients will be recorded including any forms of proof of payments and transactions.